Razny Jewelers Official Magazine 2022 - 2023

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Dedicated to the Brilliance of Natural Diamonds

This year's magazine is dedicated to our family's seven-decade-long passion —natural diamonds. We share the unique opportunity with all of you to support the peoples and lands from which we discover the radiant gems we wear daily. Natural diamonds are the foundation of an industry that provides tangible value in the form of employment, healthcare, and education to families who dream bigger than their present circumstances. We begin this issue with a first-hand account of our family trip to Africa, taken in the summer of 2022, an experience we'll never forget.


Locals in Namibia and South Africa graciously allowed us into their lives, and we collected their words into our hearts. As we spoke with community members, visited classrooms, and marveled at flora and fauna, we all felt something inside shift, pulling and stretching our innermost motivations. This trip reconnected us to our purpose in a way that's difficult to explain. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable adventure into a juxtaposition of desert and coastland in "Out of Africa," our feature spread. From the earth and for the planet, there is no replacement for organic brilliance. 

Be inspired by "The Edit," a glamorous editorial photographed exclusively within our three-story location in Downtown Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. This section highlights the season's most striking statement pieces. We can't wait to see how these treasures look on you!

"Passport to Luxury" takes you jet-setting through three continents, each location's culture influencing the jewelry of its creators. The isles of Greece give us a handcrafted designer collection echoing Athens's beautiful art and architecture. From the mountains of Brazil come precious stones in mesmerizing bluish greens, set in romantic gold motifs. Sparkles dance across rings, earrings, and necklaces from the City of Light, and, of course, there's no place like New York and the enduring designs of its ateliers.

Timepiece lovers, follow the paths of the world's most iconic watches and learn how their illustrious history led to modern fame in "The Charisma of a Classic," "Ladies First," and "Navigating an Icon." Behind every piece in your collection is a fascinating story. 

Please enjoy this magazine, from cover to cover, and let its pages take you wherever you dream of being. From our family and all of us at Razny Jewelers, thank you for sharing our passion for natural beauty.