Ethics and Impact of Natural Diamonds

People and the planet are our chief concerns. 

Razny Jewelers diamonds are thoughtfully sourced using methods that exceed international standards for ethics and trade.


As natural diamond ambassadors, our family has personally inspected the working conditions of our facilities in Namibia and South Africa. Speaking with locals, we've learned first-hand how our industry affects their lives. Sustainable natural diamonds and the work they provide are crucial to the infrastructure of communities not unlike our own. By choosing us, you're ensuring that your future heirloom funds African children's and families' dreams while creating skilled trades for their residents today.

We say that our diamonds are "from the earth and for the planet." That's because 83% of the water used in our diamond recovery is recycled, safeguarding thousands of tons of water for local neighborhoods. Our partners work with local governments and community leaders to nurture the reclamation process so that the land we mine returns to the natural landscape when work is complete. In Namibia, we acquire diamonds by utilizing offshore industrial alluvial diamond mining. Strict regulations and government investment characterize this technique. It ensures that the ocean and landscape are preserved for future generations.