This summer, we decided to visit Africa as a family. Initially, our purpose was to bring much-needed dialysis equipment and provisions to the Namibian people, joining a campaign supported by a network of jewelers in America. Once we arrived, however, the trip became more than a practical philanthropic effort. Locals graciously allowed us into their lives, and we collected their words into our hearts. As we spoke with community members, visited classrooms, and marveled at flora and fauna, we all felt something inside shift, pulling and stretching our innermost motivations. Decades ago, we dedicated ourselves to preserving and showcasing natural treasures. Still, this trip reconnected us to our purpose in a way that's difficult to explain. Natural diamonds are the foundation of an industry that is providing real, tangible value in the form of employment, healthcare, and education to families who dream bigger than their present circumstances.

-Ingrid Razny