Brightness and Brilliance of Natural Diamonds

A beauty this rare comes once in a hundred lifetimes. Natural diamonds by Razny Jewelers hail from one of the only locations on earth able to produce the most brilliant diamonds in existence.


Using sustainable diamond gathering methods, we find rough, uncut gems in Southwest Africa. From these, we extract large carat diamonds that boast unparalleled magnificence.

Journey with us to Namibia: Millions of years ago, the earth was preparing wonders unlike any before experienced. Immense pressure and the intense fires of the planet’s crust created walls of rough diamonds. As if knowing their destination, these blazing miracles found their way up volcanic pipes to the rushing waters of the Orange River. Finally, they spilled from the river onto the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, peppering the dark seabed with earth’s most radiant treasures.


Gathering these diamonds from the seafloor, some 20 miles from shore and 450 feet below sea level, is called offshore industrial alluvial (literally, “sandy”) diamond mining. Namibia’s government has formed a joint venture relationship with the world’s largest mining company to guarantee its citizens participate in recovering and marketing these natural diamonds. From this unique location, we find Razny Bespoke diamonds, some of the cleanest and brightest in existence — not to mention dazzling variations in pinks, blues, and yellows.