Why Collectors Are Turning to Patek Philippe During Unpredictable Times

Why Collectors Are Turning to Patek Philippe During Unpredictable Times

Nov 14th 2022

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How has Patek Philippe earned this pandemic-proof reputation? As Chicago’s only Patek Philippe jeweler, we’d like to consider ourselves experts on this company’s inspirational story. Here are three ways Patek Philippe has remained timeless from generation to generation.

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Rare and brilliantly crafted, Patek Philippe is the Swiss timepiece name trusted, without question, by collectors from various walks of life the world over. With unmatched beauty and accuracy, these watches have become synonymous with generational stability. After all, no one owns a Patek Philippe. They merely look after it for the next generation.

For over 180 years, the families at the company's helm have worked to earn their coveted reputation. Today, the world is facing challenges it has never seen, and the future of many is becoming less certain. Now more than ever, when we invest in a timepiece, we want — no, we expect — it to hold its value. We are loyal only to names that withstand our scrutiny and to designs that live up to their reputation, not in a case collecting dust but worn on our wrist, day after day. This is why many recommit themselves to the groundbreaking Patek Philippe.

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The Brand’s Legacy

There are few creations still working as well today as they did in the 19th century. Patek Philippe’s traditional process of creating each timepiece by hand remains one of the industry’s most applauded achievements.

Iconic timepieces displayed during The Art of Watches, an interactive showcase presented in 2017 by Patek Philippe, dated back to presidents and nobility who commissioned their watch, not knowing it would outlive even them and their legacy.

These timepieces tell their wearer’s story long after being removed from the wrist.

Patek Philippe protects this unique heritage by staying private and craft-driven, never needing to consult with board members who are typically profit-driven.

The Brand’s Progressiveness

“Progressive” may not be a word that comes to mind when considering a company founded in the 1800s, but Patek Philippe is just that, progressive and innovative. Hundreds of patents ensure that your favorite complication was likely developed by their craftsmen.

For example, the double chronograph, standard on most chronographs, allows the wearer to view two separate stopwatches functioning individually or simultaneously. The complication was unfeasible until Patek Philippe developed it in 1902.

This essential function takes the “complication” out of timing laps. How did the sports world survive without it?!

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The Brand’s Value

The record for the world’s most valuable watch was not earned by a diamond dazzled timepiece dipped in platinum and gold. It was earned by a steel — yes, steel! — Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010, sold at auction in 2019 for $31 million, obliterating the previous record. Why the price tag? Firstly, it’s a one-of-one, with 20 complications and front and back (!!!) dials. For a different dial color, the wearer needs simply to flip this beautiful steel case. More than anything, however, it was the Patek Philippe name and everything that comes with it that caught the buyer’s eye.

The resale value of all this brand’s timepieces is incredible, making each a worthy investment.

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