The Brilliance of Kwiat: 100 Years of Diamonds That Look Bigger and Brighter

The Brilliance of Kwiat: 100 Years of Diamonds That Look Bigger and Brighter

May 26th 2023

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When it comes to diamonds, one factor is most important to achieving the most brilliant impression: the cut. Without a superb cut a diamond won't release its full sparkling potential, no matter its color or clarity. 

Since Sam Kwiat opened a diamond shop in New York City in 1907, the Kwiat family has dedicated themselves to the art and science of cutting the world's most beautiful diamonds. Kwiat standards for diamond cutting are the strictest in the world and exceed those set forth by the GIA. The family's approach to diamond cutting is so particular that they have created Kwiat Tiara® diamonds, a collection of exclusive cuts that look bigger and brighter than other diamonds of the same carat weight.

Pictured: Sam and David Kwiat

Together with his son David, Sam Kwiat grew a small family shop into a diamond legacy. Today, more than a century later, the Kwiat family continues to design and craft the most exquisite diamond jewelry. 


Kwiat diamonds, including the Kwiat Round™, Kwiat Cushion™, Fred Leighton Round™, and Ashoka®— dazzle in engagement rings and can also be found in many of the brand's fine jewelry, including solitaire pendants and stud earrings. These easy-to-wear everyday pieces form the foundation of a timeless jewelry collection, along with essentials like line bracelets and necklaces from the Riviera collection and more-is-better bracelets from the Stackable collection.

Pictured: Pieces from the Ashoka collection by Kwiat.

Kwiat master jewelers still handcraft these elegant designs in the company's New York City workshop, meticulously engineering each piece to allow more light to enter the diamonds—the result: astonishingly beautiful jewelry with more sparkle per carat. 

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