Sydney and Brandon

Sydney and Brandon

Oct 20th 2022

When we got engaged, I wanted to keep the proposal a surprise. In secret, I had gotten the ring a few weeks before and scheduled a “birthday dinner” for her. She woke up on the day of the dinner and said she wanted to go to a winery. This was the perfect way to make a full day leading up to the proposal. After the winery, we went to dinner, and then I said I wanted some pictures in front of a nice fountain outside an old theater near where we ate. Instead of pictures, the camera was set to video, and needless to say, it ended up being a huge surprise. Afterward, we took a walk around a nearby river where there was a wooden bridge with some benches. We decided to sit and talk for a while and realized it was the perfect time of day to watch the sunset over the river. I could not have asked for a better proposal story.

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