Sapphires at Razny Jewelers

Sapphires at Razny Jewelers

Posted by Karina Bogan on Sep 1st 2022

At Razny Jewelers, we value dedication. Our slogan was once "True Blue," a nod to our original brand colors and the commitment we maintain to Chicago families and our employees. This motto can also be associated with the unshakable bond of marriage. A sapphire's deep true-blue hue makes this gem the perfect choice for a stunning engagement ring. 

A true-blue sapphire's rich color is as deep and dark as the ocean. There are no depths to the history you can find regarding this kind of sapphire. For example, the legendary Hope Diamond inspired the fictional "Heart of the Ocean" necklace from the movie Titanic. Although a diamond, its mesmerizing blue tone sparked a renewed interest in sapphires.

The sapphire was a royal favorite for Princess Diana and is currently the gem worn by Princess Kate's, making it synonymous with royalty. A sapphire's unwavering beauty is more than superficial. It ranks at nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale, proving it's strong enough to withstand extended wear.

Clearly, the September birthstone is the perfect gift for anyone born in early fall. It's a classic gemstone that looks dashing on anyone. Sapphires add mystique to any look, whether placed within an earring setting, ring, or necklace.

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Features Images: Ring: Bez Ambar 18k white gold ring with a 7.27ctw blue sapphire stone in the center. Bracelet: 18K white gold sapphire bracelet from our exclusive catalog of Razny Collection. Features 20.62ct blue sapphire gemstones and 2.36ct diamonds, which are D-F in color and have VS grade clarity. Price varies by sizing. Earrings: 14K white gold blue sapphire stud earrings from Shy Creation. The gemstones pictured are in a .08ct total weight and are flanked by diamonds in a halo style. The diamonds are F-G in color and have SI grade clarity. Band:18K white gold blue sapphire band, from our exclusive line of Razny Collection fine jewelry. In a prong style, these gemstones circle half-way across the length of the ring.