Our Favorite Jewelry Trends from the 2017 Academy Awards

Our Favorite Jewelry Trends from the 2017 Academy Awards

Posted by Karina Bogan on Feb 27th 2017

Even before last night’s infamous best picture fiasco, the 89th Oscars had us on the edge of our seats! From the jokes to the speeches, and not to mention “Gary from Chicago” (congratulations to him and his fiancé, by the way), nothing was lacking in entertainment.

Of course, watching celebrities parade the red carpet in couture gowns and designer jewels is our favorite part of the evening. A few trends surprised us, but a few we’ve been predicting for some time (see: Razny Jewelers magazine).

Here are our favorite jewelry trends from the 2017 Academy Awards.

Oscars 2017 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Bold Collars and Chokers

“Elongate the neck this year by adding an elegant choker… A woman’s neck is meant to be adorned for its grace and beautiful line.” – Razny Jewelers 2016 Magazine.

Jessica Biel, Karlie Kloss, Janelle Monet, and more were leading this trend with dazzling neckwear partnered with both high and down-to-there necklines. We expect this look to grace events and red carpets for seasons to come.

Oscars 2017 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Ear Crawlers

Edgy enough to feel fresh and new, ear crawlers are sneaking onto the lobes of everyone from Viola Davis to newcomer Sofia Boutella. We’re big fans! Designers are creating both structural and feminine variations of this hot piece.

Oscars 2017 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Statement Earrings

For fans of traditional gems, statement earrings are one trend that will never die. We’re still seeing stars from the jaw-dropping gems worn by Charlize Theron. This is one item that needs no supporting cast. Keep additional jewelry to a minimum when donning oversize ornaments.

Oscars 2017 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Colored Gems

“The bold use of color in fine jewelry has now become mainstream … The adventurous mixing of colors has never been more prominent.” – The Razny Jewelers 2016 Magazine.

Women who wear color lead colorful lives is the motto of stars Robin Roberts, Ruth Negga, and Nicole Kidman. A pop of color to complement eyes, dress, or lipstick is the easiest way to help an entire look feel effortlessly harmonious.

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Images: Getty and Razny Jewelers

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