Meredith and Patrick

Meredith and Patrick

Oct 21st 2022

Our first date was in December of 2018 when we realized that although our paths had never crossed until that night, we lived across the street from each other for two years. We both agree it was the most fun first date either of us had been on, and we have been inseparable since. On the night of our engagement, Patrick had planned a dinner on the beach for us. As we walked down to the beach, there was a heart with our initials in the sand, outlined with candles. Patrick got on one knee, opened the Razny Jewelers ring box, and asked me to marry him with the engagement ring of my dreams. Unbeknownst to me, Patrick worked with Christine Razny-Porter, one of my best friends from college, to find the perfect ring for me. Although we live in Alabama, Christine made the process seamless for Patrick, even from afar. We cannot thank the Razny family enough for being a major part of the next chapter of our lives, and we cannot wait to celebrate our big day on December 11, 2021!

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