Lagos: A Treasure to Remember

Lagos: A Treasure to Remember

Oct 30th 2023

Looking for the perfect gift? To view the full LAGOS collection at our Addison boutique and to enjoy a true VIP shopping experience, please call 630-932-4900 or email

Beautiful, thoughtfully designed jewelry completes a look while showcasing the wearer’s personality. LAGOS is synonymous with individuality and timeless style. Since it was founded by Steven Lagos in 1977, the brand has originated unique, handcrafted pieces like none you’ve ever seen.


Artful caviar beads are Steven Lagos’ signature design element — intricate details that form an eye-catching look. The designer begins the story of each piece with a hand-drawn sketch, followed by a hands-on process that takes hundreds of steps. This intensive concentration and skill make LAGOS women’s jewelry one-of-a-kind. 

LAGOS encourages individuality in women. The brand’s mantra, MY LAGOS MY WAY, highlights the unique way in which each person chooses to style and wear their jewelry. No two women are the same, and neither is how they accessorize!

Make a bold statement with the 18K Caviar Gold collection from LAGOS. As the name suggests, this is a classic collection, highlighting the sophistication and precision of the Caviar bead creative technique. The gold collection offers a warm and luxurious look, perfect for the winter season. 

Add a sparkle to your daily routine with Caviar Lux from LAGOS. This collection features brilliant pavé diamonds, highlighted by sterling silver Caviar beading and 18K gold. Diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are the highlight of this collection. Caviar Lux offers pieces you can wear with anything to add just the right amount of luxury to your look.

For a sleek look, mix pieces from the entire collection of LAGOS jewelry. Classic silhouettes paired with fine precious gems are always conversation starters. Allow LAGOS to help you transition from day to evening, from the office to date night. 

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To view the full LAGOS collection at our Addison boutique and to enjoy a true VIP shopping experience, please call 630-932-4900or email

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