Krislyn and Joe

Krislyn and Joe

Posted by Razny Jewelers on Jan 24th 2022

Krislyn and Joe posing for picture

Krislyn and Joe posing for picture in a field

Krislyn and Joe in a field

"During my holidays in 2015, I was traveling to Singapore, 9,359 miles from Chicago," Joe says. "I met Krislyn over dessert and immediately bonded over food, family values, and computer games."

A bit skeptical given the geographical distance and logistical hurdles (12-hour time difference), they weren't sure what would come of their flash-in-the pan spark. Remarkably, over a couple of years, the very long-distance relationship prevailed and thrived.

That little spark grew into an ember, and from an ember into a full blaze.

Thousands of WhatsApp messages, hundreds of Skype sessions, dozens of long e-mails, and a handful of overseas trips later, Joe was convinced what he and Krislyn felt from day one was unique - and meant to last forever. 

Photography credit: Allison Callaway of Callaway Gable Studio

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