Jewelry Care Tips: Ten Commandments for Preserving Your Treasures

Jewelry Care Tips: Ten Commandments for Preserving Your Treasures

Nov 14th 2022

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Keep your jewelry brilliant for a lifetime! Continue reading for tips to preserve your treasures.

Fine jewelry is an investment—one that can become a family heirloom passed through generations. Treasures such as these must be cared for and thoughtfully preserved. Our jewelry care tips—the Ten Commandments of Jewelry—will ensure your jewelry stays beautiful for years.

The Ten Commandments of Jewelry Care

  1. Thou Shall Not Sleep in Your Jewelry. Pressure from your body weight can weaken links and stone settings. Imagine waking up to find the diamond missing from your engagement ring or the beads from a gold bracelet flung all over your bed. Not a fun game of hide and seek!
  2. Thou Shall Not Shower or Wash Dishes or Hands with Jewelry On. Water pressure can loosen gem settings. Residue from conditioners and shampoos clouds the brilliance of gems. You don’t want to see the residue from your shower or the dishes on your ring. Plus, you risk your ring slipping off and falling down the drain!
  3. Thou Shall Not Wear Jewelry While Working Out, Especially Weightlifting. Sweat creates a film that clouds gems and causes skin rashes and discomfort.
  4. Thou Shall Not Wear Jewelry While Gardening. Would you wear a silk shirt while gardening? While precious metals of gold and silver are durable, they can be scratched by dirt and rocks.
  5. Thou Shall Not Wear Rings Too Tight. Wearing tight jewelry cuts off circulation, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than that. Make sure your rings are sized correctly. Remember that your ring size may vary depending on the time of day or weather.
  6. Thou Shall Not Put Hand Cream on While Wearing Jewelry. When you rub lotion into your dry hands, the lotion cakes into settings and creates a dark film. Your precious jewelry should be the last item you put on and the first item you take off.
  7. Thou Shall Not Wear Jewelry in a Pool or Spa. Chlorine can ruin pearls and be abrasive on silver and precious gold metals. The inconvenience of losing jewelry at the bottom of a pool is not worth it!
  8. Thou Shall Not Wear Jewelry While Cooking. Preparing foods that require immersion of your hands (i.e., meatloaf, bread, etc.) allows oils and other substances to get underneath stones. This residue may be difficult to remove.
  9. Thou Shall Not Store Jewelry in Loose Boxes. If your jewelry box looks like a pirate’s treasure box, the pieces inside may scratch or damage each other. Keep jewelry in separate compartments in a jewelry box. Discover beautiful jewelry boxes, for any budget and style, by WOLF at Razny Jewelers.
  10. Thou Shall Not Clean Jewelry with Harsh Chemicals. Professionals should clean jewelry with polishing cloths or a soft toothbrush with liquid soap. It can be tempting to throw your diamond necklace into one of those chemical baths that promise to have them sparkly clean in a few minutes, but it’s not the way to go!

Seek Expert Help for Your Jewelry Needs

Even if you follow all these commandments, we understand that sometimes your jewelry will need a little extra TLC anyway. That’s where we come in. Whether it’s professional cleaning or expert repair, our artisans uphold the industry’s highest standards.

Visit Razny Jewelers for on-site jewelry repair services, including:

  • Ring resizing
  • Replacing, resetting, or tightening of stones
  • Replacing or repairing clasps
  • Soldering
  • Restringing pearls or beads
  • Polishing, buffing, and inspection
  • Prong re-tipping
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