Jenn and Kevin

Jenn and Kevin

May 19th 2022

As I am sure many can relate to these days, I experienced numerous frustrations with the online app dating scene; and I began to believe that I would never get married. I felt like giving up many times, even though I continued to pray for God to bring someone special into my life. I am forever grateful that I did not entirely lose hope, as I eventually met Kevin.

We began communicating via a dating app in July 2018, and due to schedule conflicts, we weren’t finally able to meet for drinks until mid-August. Drinks led to dinner, which led to a night of dancing and listening to live music. It was the best first date, which turned into the greatest year of my life!! Kevin surprised me on a beautiful September evening and proposed while watching the sunset over Chicago. The staff at Razny's, specifically Lois and Stephanie, helped Kevin throughout the ring selection process. Lois went above and beyond to ensure the ring was perfect, and they made us feel like family. The ring is most beautiful, delicate, and sparkly! Thank you Razny Jewelers for making this experience even more special and for celebrating our love!

Thank you again! 

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