Hannah and Adam

Hannah and Adam

Aug 2nd 2022

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As most love stories start out (or at least this one anyway), Hannah and Adam’s story began on a golf course in 2018. As Hannah and Adam started building their relationship, adam has what he considered to be a “genius” idea for a first date… golfing and wings. Because what girl doesn’t love that combination… am I right?

Adam trekked what seemed like thousands of miles to what would end up being his last first date! Hannah just got off from her bartending shift on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Adam showed up and immediately saw Hannah’s smile beaming across the bar. Hannah showed Adam the course and we immediately set course for our first stop: the driving range! If none of you could tell, clearly this was already the best date of Hannah’s life.
Hannah and Adam proceeded to talk about life, our interest, our similarities, our differences, all while trying to smack the heck out of a few golf balls. After our warm up, we decided to hit the course in attempt to play 18 holes in 90 degree weather.. did I forget to mention we both ironically wore black t-shirts and shorts? Not our smartest decision :)

Golf lasted 3 holes before we couldn’t take the heat, but we were thrilled to be on the adventure together. As a back up plan, a lightbulb goes off in Adam’s head… Let’s go to BDUBS. Again, because what girl wouldn’t love her first date meal to be chicken wings.

Needless to say, the spontaneous date was a great success! This day set is on our 3 year, now 4 year journey together.

A few years later, adam decides it is probably time to think about settling down and starting his life with hannah (officially)! During COVID in Raleigh, NC, adam was having pina coladas out of pineapples, so needless to say all of the good ideas were flowing. Adam asks Taylor “hey, what if I propose to hannah on some huge trip… WHAT ABOUT DISNEY?!” Taylor helped Adam brainstorm what was about to be the journey of a lifetime.

As time goes on, adam continues to develop the engagement plans. The official plan was a road trip to Orlando. Stopping in Louisville and Nashville along the way. Needless to say, the trip went flawlessly. The day we were leaving for Orlando was the big proposal day. After a morning of zip lining in Nashville, adam and Hannah made their way to the Parthenon. Adam took hannah around the front of the building, tricked her to getting on the steps leading to the top of the Parthenon and I got down on one knee to ask hannah to marry him.

The response: “you A-hole, you A-hole” which in hannah language meant yes!

Oh and did I forget to mention Hannah’s parents, brother and one of her best friends Ben surprised us in Nashville to help celebrate. On top of that, Adam’s family surprised us in Orlando( thank you for coordinating the surprise Rachel Soto). Hannah and Adam were overjoyed to celebrate the next stage of their lives with some of their loved ones around them!

Photography: Autumn Moultry
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