Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year Writes its own Story

Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year Writes its own Story

Posted by Karina Bogan on May 2nd 2017

In Norse mythology, Loki, Thor’s adoptive brother and sworn enemy gifts the other gods with a huge swift-sailing ship that always has a favorable wind and folds into a pouch. Enamored of ancient Scandinavian naval engineering, Faber-Castell has crafted the pen of the year in a similar vein. It is a masterpiece in workmanship, built with the same curly birch wood the Vikings used to make their stealth “dragon boats.” The result is a beautiful juxtaposition between the excellent metallic shine of the platinum-plated barrel and the warm hues of the wood. A smoky quartz gemstone adorns the cap, and a hand inscription decorates the 18-karat gold nip. It is an epic vessel, small enough to take anywhere.

graf von faber-castell pen of the year 2017

With young professionals driving the growing interest in anachronistic collections, we expect this to be the most coveted pen of 2017.

graf von faber-castell pen of the year 2017

Additional details:

  • Platinum-plated barrel adorned by five slivers of ‘curly’ birch, inserted with great precision
  • The name Graf von Faber-Castell is engraved in the end piece in runes
  • Long-lasting black rollerball refill
  • The carnelian let into the cap glows an intense red.
  • Individually numbered writing instruments.
  • Exclusive, brightly polished black wooden box with an attractive brochure and the certificate of authenticity
  • An additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments
  • Limited to 150 pieces
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