Evgenia and Admir

Evgenia and Admir

Jun 6th 2022

A couple taking a selfie

A couple hand's with a ring on it by a river

We first met ten years ago at our first job out of high school. We are childhood sweethearts. He planned a trip to beautiful Montana. Every day we had a beautiful day trip planned. The day he proposed, we went on a beautiful horseback ride into the Rocky Mountains. The pictures do not do this piece of untouched heaven justice. After our ride, we returned to Yellowstone National Park. We stopped at the first historic scenic turnabout in Yellowstone on the first day. He stopped there one last time on our third day. We got out of our car, and the only sound we heard was the river below us and so many varieties of birds above us. As I was admiring the scenery, my now fiancé asked to take some selfies. I found this very odd because he never asks for pictures. I turn around, and he’s on his knee, asking me to be his wife. The decade of adventures, laughs, and love we shared was all worth it. He had to catch me because I almost fell off the cliff as soon as I saw the ring! Luckily, I’m here to share this beautiful love story. Thank you for helping us start our new journey together!

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