Everything You Never Knew About Diamonds

Everything You Never Knew About Diamonds

Apr 18th 2023

Those born in April are fortunate to call the universally adored diamond their birthstone. Being the symbol for eternal love and marriage, and because so many are familiar with the 4 c's (carat weight, color, clarity, and cut), it's easy for almost anyone to feel like a diamond expert. Still, we're hoping to surprise you with four interesting facts about the world's most famous gem.

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4 Things You Didn't Know About Diamonds

Candle Flames Contain Millions of Tiny Diamonds

In 2011 Dr. Wuzong Zhou of St. Andrews University found roughly 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles are created and burned away in ever second a flame burns. "A colleague at another university said to me: 'Of course no-one knows what a candle flame is actually made of,'" says Dr. Zhou. "I told him I believed science could explain everything eventually, so I decided to find out." It was with a breakthrough new method that he discovered the center of the flame contains all four known forms of carbon. This discovery gives a new meaning to the phrase "diamond fire"!

Colored Diamonds Are the Rarest

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Without question, a sparkling white diamond is mesmerizing! It can easily capture anyone's attention from across a room. However, the secret of a colored diamond's value is in the process the earth uses to create the gem. It takes immense pressure to form a diamond, and because the final result is so impenetrable, impurities rarely find their way inside. When a few particles of nitrogen or boron or some other minerals are strong enough to fight their way in, the final result is a breathtaking blue, yellow, or red precious diamond!

The "Pink Star," auctioned off by Sotheby's in April 2017, holds the position of the world's most expensive diamond ever sold. At nearly 60 carats and boasting a bashful pink hue, bea-hue-tifully brilliant!

(Image above: Pink Star Diamond)

Perhaps You're Standing on a Quadrillion Tons of Diamond Right Now

Did you know that our beautiful blue planet is filled with an astonishing amount of unreachable white gems? According to the National Geographic, "Before you grab your supervillain cape and nab the nearest mega-drill, be warned: At around a hundred miles deep, these riches lie well out of reach." Bummer.

Out-of-this-World Extraterrestrial Diamonds are Real

Have the beautiful points of light in a night sky ever reminded you of diamonds? The flaming spheres you see in space are forming something you likely wear every day — diamonds! In their article titled "Diamonds in the Sky," wrote: "Interstellar micro-diamonds are found in meteoroids called carbonaceous chondrites. Think of these diamonds as 'diamond dust.' This diamond dust may hold secrets of the universe that will help scientists better understand our own plant." Brilliant!

Speaking of otherworldly gems, the biggest diamond in the universe isn't in Brazil, or Russia, or even Africa. It's in space! It will never be cut (of course!) and weighs an estimated 10 billion trillion trillion carats. Literally astronomical!

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