Elizabeth and Julian

Elizabeth and Julian

Feb 3rd 2023

The plan was to go to my "company's holiday party" in early December 2022. I told Eli that the ladies attending would do their hair and dress in long-length dresses for the occasion. In 2018, she bought a beautiful champagne-colored dress that she never had a chance to wear. She wore it for this occasion.

Upon arrival at the party, I told her a photographer was on the terrace to take pictures of the couples before the party began. We took a few together before I stepped aside for her to take a few on her own. Then, I stood next to her and got down on one knee. I popped the question, and she said, "YES!" Later she asked, "Isn't this your holiday party?" I said, " There is no holiday party. We are the holiday party!" We then left to have our engagement dinner and drinks with our families and were welcomed with an outpouring of love from everyone.

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