Becky and Daniel

Becky and Daniel

May 5th 2022

Dan and I were friends for about a year before we realized we wanted something more from each other. When we started talking about marriage, we were gifted diamonds from my grandmother, who had gotten the diamonds from her mother. It was beyond special to customize a ring with diamonds that have been in our family for three generations — since the 1920s! Dan and I visited friends in Florida and went kayaking at a beautiful state park. Afterward, we walked around and wanted to take some pictures, which is when Dan got down on one knee and proposed! 

We couldn’t ask for more from Jeb and the entire Razny Jewelers team. Jeb helped us through the whole design process. When Dan told Jeb he wanted to propose in Florida (which meant the ring would need to be ready exactly one day before we left), everyone did what they could to complete the design before our trip. We will absolutely be forever customers of Razny because of this amazing experience.

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