An Icon Returns – The New Panthère de Cartier

An Icon Returns – The New Panthère de Cartier

Posted by Karina Bogan on Jun 22nd 2017

Like the one who wears it, the iconic Panthère is a timepiece that takes on any task with sophistication and style. In a bold move for the luxury jeweler, Cartier is resurrecting the Panthère line this year in two sizes and – wait for it – an affordable steel version, starting at $4,000. After catching wind of this revolutionary remake, I’ve been waiting for a posh steel watch perfect for fearless bracelet stacking. Can you say, “arm candy”?!

leandra medine wearing a Panthère de Cartier

For many of us, Cartier’s Panthère was the first piece we borrowed from our mom’s collection, upgrading our wardrobe with its polished finish and geometric design. It’s truly a jewel that tells the time. Today, it’s reemerging as the must-have item for millennials, decking the wrists of fashion influencers like Leandra Medine, worn loose or fitted, surrounded by complementing bracelets.

Panthère de Cartier in Chicago

On the glamourous end, Cartier is offering the Panthère in a variety of precious gold metals. My favorite is what the brand calls their “talking piece”. It’s a sleek watch, available in small and medium sizes, created with rose gold peppered with black lacquer. The finished result recalls the fierce beauty of a wild cat. I’d choose this one for a delicious juxtaposition with jeans and a white t-shirt. But that’s just me. How will you be wearing the new Panthère? Perhaps, white gold and diamonds are more your style? Or maybe a two-tone combination of steel and gold, a watch that can be worn with any color metal?

Whatever your style, Razny Jewelers has a Panthère de Cartier for your taste and budget. Visit the Highland Park location today to try on your next Cartier timepiece. I’ll see you there!

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