Alejandra and Edgar

Alejandra and Edgar

Jun 9th 2022

A boy purpose a girl in the front of lake

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Edgar and I share the same passion for traveling and exploring different places. During an unexpected trip to NYC, he decided that our relationship had to take another course. We had overcome a long-distance relationship of five years and had been enjoying day-to-day life in the same state for three years, living a relationship full of adventures and travel. But something was missing — being able to say that what we have is forever. So, on March 5, 2022, he tricked me into going to Central Park to support his sister with an art project for her college class. We went to a location where we had an incredible date eight years ago, with a dreamlike panorama. His sister was going to paint that landscape for her project, supposedly. In the meantime, he and I went for a walk in the beautiful park. When we made our way back to meet his sister, I automatically went straight to look at the landscape. Shortly after, he approached me with the drawing his sister was painting; little did I know, the picture was a caricature of him proposing. When I noticed that in the drawing, I looked up at him as he kneeled, asking me to be his forever partner. It was the most romantic and special moment, and we thankfully have a drawing to remind us of that day.

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