Abby and Miles

Abby and Miles

Apr 4th 2023

Abby and I met on a volunteer trip to New Orleans our sophomore year of college. After a few years of dating, I set out to find an engagement ring with only one requirement: The jeweler needed to be along the BNSF train route, such that I could do some clandestine shopping and still make it out to the southwest suburbs for our Wednesday night date tradition! 

Thanks to Lois' patience (let's say I was not the quickest decision-maker), I found a ring that I knew Abby would love. Flash forward to November 19, 2022, and after making her think I was out of town that weekend, I surprised Abby and proposed to her in a quiet park on a snowy Saturday. She fought through the tears to remember to say "Yes," and we celebrated with family and friends that week of Thanksgiving. 

We are looking forward to our wedding and to starting our family together!

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