Breitling has its very own place among watch brands: the highly exclusive ‘stronghold’ of technical watches, mainly chronographs. A longstanding partner of aviation, a field where reliability and precision play a vital role, the brand has always devoted premier importance to the quality of its products, designed to withstand intensive use in the most trying conditions.
Breitling equips all its models (both mechanical and quartz) with chronometer-certified movements – the ultimate benchmark in terms of reliability and precision, and the only one based on an international norm. Breitling wrist instruments are 100% Swiss made, from case to movement and from dial to strap/bracelet.

Whether it comes to enhancing the precision of its movements, reinforcing the sturdiness of the cases, improving the readability of the dials or developing new functions, the firm constantly optimizes the performances of its “instruments for professionals” in harmony with the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking.

From component production to assembly and casing-up of the watches, and including the countless tests performed during the production process, each Breitling chronograph springs to life through a subtle alliance between hand, eye and machine. Because for certain operations, nothing can match the latest high-tech developments, and industrialization results in infinitely more precise tolerances than manual work.