Preserved Value of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are unlike any wonder on earth. What makes a natural diamond more valuable than a lab-grown diamond is that they are rare and finite. Even rarer is it to find a diamond that meets the qualification needed to become a Razny Bespoke diamond. According to the National Diamond Council, "The total amount of natural diamonds 1 carat and larger recovered in a year would only fill one exercise ball." 


Only natural diamonds retain inherent value over time, making them an investment and an heirloom. Over the last 35 years, natural diamonds have been shown to appreciate by approximately 3% annually. The cost of lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, continues to decline due to mass production.


Unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are produced with microwave reactors in a matter of only a few weeks. Lab-grown diamonds are also made of carbon, but without earthly origins, they lack the superior diamond qualities infused by nature. In fact, the rapid manufacturing process of lab-created diamonds always leaves telltale marks within the stone that experts can identify with 100% certainty.