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From a dream to a destiny


Seventy years ago, Stanley Razny, an unmatched bench jeweler and artist, emigrated from Poland with his wife, Jane. Their dream was to open a boutique that would offer the families of their community the world’s most brilliant diamonds and custom jewelry.

Today, Razny Jewelers is the fulfillment of their vision. Serving the Greater Chicago Area’s horological community.

generations of fine jewelery generations of fine jewelery


Remaining family-owned and operated since 1951, Razny Jewelers is firmly rooted in the culture and communities of Chicago. Second-generation owners Stan and Ingrid Razny propelled the company’s growth with their unshakable faith and remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. Stan was a catalyst for renovation and had plans for a multi-generational legacy from the start. Ingrid is the quintessential businesswoman, expertly equipped with both marketing and accounting know-how. She scouts for designers that complement the Razny family’s commitment to artistic talent. The third generation of this family business is entirely devoted to the future of luxury. Christine Razny and Michael Razny are certified Gemologists who work diligently to create unforgettable moments for their guests and clients. Eric Razny’s welcoming personality perfectly translates the elevated hospitality for which Razny Jewelers is known.

united mission united mission


The Razny Family and Rolex share a joint mission: epitomize refined luxury with the finest materials.

Present-day, Razny Jewelers is a haven of quality craftsmanship, with four locations strategically placed throughout the Greater Chicago Area. The newly refined Rolex showroom in their Highland Park location provides an incomparable experience for clients. Its expanded size and depth, with high-level sophistication, offer an unparalleled Rolex experience. Razny Jewelers has three Rolex showrooms, each opulent yet welcoming.

excellence in precision excellence in precision


Enjoy a one-on-one appointment with a Rolex specialist when you visit Razny Jewelers in Downtown Chicago (Gold Coast), Addison, or Highland Park (North Shore). In addition, the in-house service and repair department, available in all three locations, is committed to thorough analysis and diligent care, treating your treasure as their own.

Razny Jewelers is the area’s source for luxury and the world’s finest Swiss timepieces. Razny Jewelers and Rolex share these core values: precision, excellence in all spheres, and service above all. There is nothing more rewarding to the Razny family than making the best moments of life even more memorable for the families who choose us.

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