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Razny Jewelers represents the world's most respected jewelry brands. Among them is Kwiat, a name found at the very apex of the diamond industry. Kwiat takes great pride in sourcing of the world's best natural diamonds and forming unmatched designs to showcase them.

It all began in 1908 and now spans four generations of ownership. Led by Lowell Kwiat, the name evolved from a top-shelf diamond supplier to a distinct brand that crafts the finest diamond jewelry directly for clients. 


Based out of New York, Kwiat's designs are created entirely in-house by a team of longstanding artisans, the masterminds behind the most stunning diamond jewelry. From their iconic Tiara round-cut to the dreamy Ashoka cut, Kwiat's collections reflect the superb craftsmanship of a name this caliber and a steadfast commitment to sourcing only the most ethical, conflict-free diamond stones. With each diamond taking center stage, the gorgeous design language is a tribute to Kwiat being the first wholesale diamond supplier to truly market itself and bring traditional practices into a new millennium.


That kind of consciousness, this dedication to the craft, makes Kwiat, both in name and design, stand out from the crowd. Every piece emanates an ethereal beauty that is truly breathtaking.


From a pair of diamond studs or an emerald-shape pendant, Kwiat uses the finest materials to craft one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry.

The kind of reputation held by Kwiat is earned only after decades of consistent, absolute perfection. Their offering epitomizes luxury. Each piece has a divine glow and comes forth with undeniable elegance. From the weightless and airy appearance of the Starry Night collection to the centerpiece Ashoka bands, there is something for everyone.


Whether browsing for every day or shopping for your special someone, you can be assured that every masterpiece from Kwiat will set the bar for unrivaled excellence. This is at the heart of their every creation.


Discover the beauty of Kwiat today at Razny Jewelers.