The shape is where many begin when searching for their ideal diamond, and it is where the wearer's personality really gets to shine. Each diamond shape boasts characteristics unlike any other, whether it be the famous "hall of mirrors" created by emerald and Asscher cuts or the shattered glass effect of a radiant cut.


Allow this guide to be your introduction to finding the gem you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Your Guide to Diamond Shapes


Often called a "square-cut emerald," the widely-adored alternative is the Asscher-cut diamond, boasting the same glorious hall of mirrors effect within softer, trimmed corners. This shape is perfect for the bride-to-be who's looking for a dose of vintage art deco.


Similar to the round brilliant, this shape expertly manipulates light to sparkle and shine without limits. Its deeper cut and large facets give the appearance of more fire than any other shape.  Cushion cuts are distinguished by their square to squarish rectangular versions (pictured), each with this shape’s trademark soft romantic corners.


The emerald-cut diamond is famous for its long, straight, luxurious lines. The effect is like a hall-of-mirrors. Each "mirror" reflects light abundantly. This cut makes a sophisticated statement.


Nothing says "I love you" like an unforgettable, well-cut heart-shaped diamond — easily the most romantic shape. The curve and point are symmetrical, and the result is boldly brilliant in any light. For this shape, it's best to select a higher carat weight for maximum sparkle.


The marquise-cut diamond, historically crafted for the French aristocracy, appears significantly larger than any cut of the same carat weight. This is thanks to its elegantly elongated shape.


Perfect for any setting, the versatile oval-shaped diamond is a soft silhouette that appears larger and more brilliant thanks to its extended outline. The "modern round brilliant," as we call it, is becoming the timeless choice for the discerning wearer. 


With a distinguishing point aimed toward or away from the wearer's heart, the pear-shaped diamond embodies romance while wrapped in radiant sparkle. This silhouette hides any possible inclusions well, appearing to be brighter and whiter for a striking impression.


Another option for magnificent brilliance is the princess-cut diamond, a geometric masterpiece. This is a great shape choice for brides-to-be who favor the square outline while refusing to sacrifice sparkle.


With more facets and illuminating angels than an admirer can count, the radiant-cut diamond delivers a crushed ice effect that is both unique and awe-inspiring. Beveled corners add to its captivation.


This shape is the most popular in the world for a reason; It allows maximum light reflection and often looks larger than it is because of its brilliance. Round brilliant diamonds are synonymous with classic romance.