THE NEW LOVE LANGUAGE: Here's the Perfect Gift for Your Significant Other

THE NEW LOVE LANGUAGE: Here's the Perfect Gift for Your Significant Other

At Razny Jewelers, we believe the greatest gift anyone can give is love. Love is the foundation of our mission and the reason why Chicago-area couples have chosen us for over 70 years. We are thrilled to welcome these couples back, year after year, to celebrate their engagements, anniversaries, and new bouncing bundles of joy. Of course, no two people are alike, and the ideal gift for one may be entirely different for another. No matter your significant other's love language, rest assured that a box wrapped in an iconic Razny bow is the present they'll treasure for a lifetime. Use the guide below to find the perfect gift for your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. Then visit us to try on the real thing.

Romantic Gifts Based on Five Love Languages


"I LOVE YOU" goes a long way with someone who prioritizes affirming language. Express your affection with fine jewelry that will remind them of your sincere words throughout the day. Our favorites include the affordable 14k rose gold chain necklace by SHY CREATION, decorated with brilliant diamonds.


Assure your love that you value time spent together by gifting them a Swiss timepiece. Razny Jewelers is proud to be the only Official Patek Philippe Jeweler in Illinois and home to other timeless watchmakers such as Breitling, Tudor, TAG Heuer, and Tissot. From brief moments spent cuddling on the couch to hours enjoying thoughtful conversation, a watch from Razny Jewelers is the perfect reminder that each minute matters.


A spontaneous kiss or a protective hug may be all your partner needs to feel the most loved. Extend the warmth of those moments by giving them a ring to wear on the finger that holds a direct path to the heart. The "ring finger" is thought to be the digit having the "vena amoris," literally "vein of love." We adore a "Moi et Toi" style ring that further symbolizes the bond of two hearts. However, you may be ready to give them the most significant ring they'll ever wear. If so, we're here to help you find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band, no matter your budget or style.


For some, nothing speaks louder than action, specifically generosity. For this person, we have more than a few ideal suggestions:

- Design an item based on their interests. Start with a sketch or allow our professionals to help you craft something truly one of a kind.
- Bring your SO in for a VIP shopping session. We'll have the champagne ready and can even help you plan ahead to create their wishlist.


Deceptively, this one can seem easy, but remember that a person who values gifts tends to appreciate the insight the giver has into the receiver's true self. So, take your time, be thoughtful, and allow us to help. Consider gifting a necklace displaying "Baby" spelled in diamonds by SHY CREATION for the new mom, or unforgettable diamond studs, which go with everything and fit everyone.

No matter who you're shopping for or their specific love language, we look forward to helping you make their dreams come true!