Designers of Fine Art Since 1951, A Legacy of Luxury Jewelry

Fine jewelry has the distinct ability to tell the world who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow. For this reason, the perfect necklace or ring is not simply adornment but is wearable art – self-expression in one of its highest forms. 

We are sometimes asked what the difference is between custom and bespoke. Both require expert artisans to craft designs unlike the usual. However, bespoke means “made from scratch, just for you.” The ultimate example is the ring pictured above, conceived by our founder Stanley Razny. He was one man, one artist, with no team of experts surrounding him lending support or aid. His job was twofold; He had to be both a jeweler and a sculptor. Stanley Razny studied his client, extracting from their conversations the details he needed to make their dreams a reality. He then carved from wax what would be the final masterpiece. This is the process of a purist, using no computer-aided design software or hardware. Only his bare hands were available to him, and he used them to make something spectacular. His steady hold carefully poured lustrous ore into the finished wax before it was gently cooled. He then set the gem, a D color flawless 5ct pear shape diamond. The result is unworldly in its beauty, undoubtedly bespoke.

If you’re wondering what bespoke jewelry looks like today, we have your answer. Razny Jewelers has managed to preserve Stanley’s meticulous methodology and improve only where technology did not subtract from substance.  

We are proud to unveil Razny Bespoke, an exclusive line of one-of-a-kind diamond brilliance made just for you. Behind each bespoke creation is a team of passionate dreamers and artisans. Like a painter with a canvas, our specialists take the time to envision the beauty of your treasure before rendering the first multi-dimensional illustration. We then mold precious metals and carefully set stunning gemstones until these are transformed into the story you want to share with the world. 


Unlike a portrait or sculpture confined to one room, gems and fine metals travel with us each day, marking the moments we never want to forget and serving as a reminder that the extraordinary, while rare, is within our reach. We design jewelry not only to be worn but to be loved.

Discover Razny Bespoke at the Razny Jewelers boutique nearest you.