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Bridal Benefit Package

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Exclusive to Razny Jewelers! We provide a guarantee of satisfaction with every purchase, combing the earth to find beautiful and brilliant conflict-free diamonds. Working with only the most skilled artisans, we ensure each ring is crafted to last a lifetime. Learn more about this complimentary service and our Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program!


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We are available to answer any question you may have. Contact us by phone, email, or make an appointment to visit our specialists in person!

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In-House Watch Repair

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Our watchmakers are devoted to advancing the science of keeping time with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Repairs and restorations are performed in-house by our SAWTA and WOSTEP certified technicians in our watch repair center. Visit any of our four locations for assistance.


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Razny Vault

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Being in this industry for over six decades, we've come across more than a few breathtaking gems and inimitable custom designs. Periodically, we'll excavate the finest works from our vault and present them to our guests for a limited time, at a tremendous value! Shop our current collection of one-of-a-kind pieces before they're gone forever!

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Exclusive shopping parties, designer appearances, celebrations, and family fun! Don't miss the next Razny Jewelers event! Stay up-to-date with our easy to follow calendar.


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Make an appointment with a Razny Jewelers specialist before your visit for a custom shopping experience.

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Pre-Owned Rolex Timepieces

Stephen Webster: The One Designer Everyone is Wearing

One artist is gaining unanimous praise for his elevated, edgy aesthetic. Celebrities are covering this season’s red carpets with his name, and it’s easy to see why.

Coffee or tea? Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans? Deep dish or thin crust? For some things, it’s impossible for all to agree. However, one artist is gaining unanimous praise for his elevated, edgy aesthetic. Celebrities are covering this season’s red carpets with his name, and it’s easy to see why.

Stephen Webster began his journey to the hearts of fashion’s most elite at the young age of 16, working as an apprentice in London’s jewelry quarter. Meticulously, he learned the old ways, mastering traditional craftsmanship. Today, his heritage remains at the center of his brand, translated through innovative designs inspired by music, fashion, literature, and nature. He approaches each creation as a writer does a page, full of stories that live only his mind. He takes his tools and forms his tale, from beginning to end, massaging the narrative to fit his ideal romance. Each piece tells the complete saga. In this way, through unconventional musing, Stephen stands as an anomaly among a sea of designers.

“As a jeweler, I can tell you that a small detail you can’t see even with the naked eye can ruin your whole day,” he says. “Any craftsman that cares about his work will say the same. But as with anything involving magnification, the world in which you operate is no longer part of the real world. It’s a slightly surreal, Alice in Wonderland existence but one that produces exquisite results”. Admiring our collection of the designer’s pieces, we travel farther into his rabbit hole.

Our esteem for Stephen Webster goes back to his pillar collection, Magnipheasant, recently worn by popstar Taylor Swift and actress Brie Larson. It includes diamond-dipped feathers that delicately dance on the ear, neck, or finger.

His Thorn Collection, worn by model Ashely Graham, mimics the captivating beauty of the rose, able to seduce almost anyone through its juxtaposition of soft lines and sharp points.

Discover the latest by Stephen Webster at Razny Jewelers in Addison.

Razny Jewelers |1501 W. Lake Street | Addison | Illinois | 630-932-4900

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