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Exclusive to Razny Jewelers! We provide a guarantee of satisfaction with every purchase, combing the earth to find beautiful and brilliant conflict-free diamonds. Working with only the most skilled artisans, we ensure each ring is crafted to last a lifetime. Learn more about this complimentary service and our Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Program!


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Our watchmakers are devoted to advancing the science of keeping time with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Repairs and restorations are performed in-house by our SAWTA and WOSTEP certified technicians in our watch repair center. Visit any of our four locations for assistance.


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Being in this industry for over six decades, we've come across more than a few breathtaking gems and inimitable custom designs. Periodically, we'll excavate the finest works from our vault and present them to our guests for a limited time, at a tremendous value! Shop our current collection of one-of-a-kind pieces before they're gone forever!

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Exclusive shopping parties, designer appearances, celebrations, and family fun! Don't miss the next Razny Jewelers event! Stay up-to-date with our easy to follow calendar.


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Pre-Owned Rolex Timepieces

The Most Valuable Quartz: Amethyst’s Past, Present, and Everlasting Future

With its passionate purple hue, February’s birthstone, amethyst, has been lauded for centuries. This month, we celebrate the birthstone while highlighting its modern iterations.

Royally Ravishing: Amethyst of the Past

February’s birthstone, amethyst, was once as exclusive as ruby (for comparison, some rubies rank among the most expensive gemstones in the world, with record prices over $1,000,000 per carat). Sourced mainly out of Russia until the 19th century, large deposits of the gem were later found in Brazil, paving the road for greater accessibility to the stone reserved for nobility. Today, sources of amethyst are located in Africa and South America.

A treasure trove of amethyst and ametrine crystals line the walls of Bolivia’s historic Anahí mine. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA

From the ancient Greek word amethystos (literally, “not drunk”), this wine-colored gem was widely esteemed for its perceived ability to ward off intoxication. While we don’t expect Amethyst to cure or prevent a hangover, it remains the most valuable variety of gemstone within the quartz family.

Having a Modern Moment: Amethyst Today

Did you know? Candy and iron are nice, but amethyst is also the traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary. Gifting the owner of your heart with this valuable beauty makes perfect sense! For centuries, amethyst has been symbolic of true love and unquenchable passion.

Wallis Simpson, former Duchess of Windsor, was famously decorated in a magnificent statement necklace, designed by Cartier, decked in amethyst, to a gala in Versailles in 1953. So memorable was this bib-style piece that it is still considered one of the designer house’s most iconic creations.

Fashion Forward: Trending Amethyst Designs, by Razny Jewelers

At Razny Jewelers, we offer a beautiful collection of jewelry featuring amethyst, created by the industry’s top artists, and select custom creations from our in-house jewelers. John Hardy, famous for artisan creativity, offers a classic sterling silver chain bracelet with a beautiful amethyst gemstone near the clasp. Sloane Street, one of our newest luxury brands, selected amethyst for their 18k yellow gold drop earrings, for an unforgettable look. Our custom jewelry design team formed one of our favorite cocktail rings using amethyst, 18k rose gold and glistening diamonds. It’s a ring that exudes irresistibility!

Are you looking to add the brilliant amethyst to your collection? Allow our skilled artisans to create for you a custom piece you’ll treasure forever! We’ll bring your vision to life!

We also invite you to browse our rings, cufflinks, and necklaces decorated with February’s beautiful birthstone.

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