Sparkle on Sloane Street

Sparkle on Sloane Street

Posted by Razny Jewelers on Nov 11th 2022

The joy of genuinely working alongside a family member and starting a business together cannot be replicated.  Charlotte and Frances Gadbois founded Sloane Street to blend their creativity and passion for art with the deep ties they each have to their family.

Sloane Street, inspired by the same shopping destination in London, is a place of significant meaning to the Gadbois women. It marked new beginnings and was the first place the pair visited following the loss of their mother to Alzheimer's.

This love for family and closeness to their roots pervades every design created at Sloane Street–each masterpiece is a beautiful homage to both the loved ones of the past and a gift to the ones that follow. Under the name, they take great care to ensure that the quality of each design is a memory turned into a work of art. With this in mind, the goal of Sloane Street is to be a multi-generational jewelry brand.

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Of course, being multi-generational feels comfortably within reach--if a little modest--given the highly elevated look of this gorgeous line. Strie, the signature texturized finish found on all Sloane Street jewelry, gives a decisively distinct and contemporary look, accented by the lovely gemstones that put the finishing touches on a truly iconic offering.

A lady with green earrings

Dazzling emeralds lend a modern look to this heirloom-quality jewelry, passed down through generations!

A lady in sunglasses and a red jacket sitting in a car

The best of both worlds: effortlessly chic, with the heart and soul of a family poured into every creation.


Based out of Florida, this mother-daughter duo has been crafting fine, custom-made jewelry in the fondest memories of the family for years now. Together, they are the perfect yin & yang, with each person bringing their unique strengths to the business.

Their ultimate goal is to craft jewelry that means something to them and the wearer--and for the quality to stand the test of time as each masterpiece is passed down from generation to generation. Frances & Charlotte Gadbois have crafted a name that serves as an emblem of their family, past, and present. To them, family is everything--and each piece is crafted in their image.

Two women posing for a picture

Frances & Charlotte Gadbois, Co-Founders of Sloane Street

Many of these aspirations are shared by the Razny family as Chicago’s most trusted family-owned jeweler. Our similarities transcend the jewelry world–family is the common ground that has united us and allowed us to flourish. It has been a profound pleasure to align ourselves with a brand that shares the same values and principles that we have.

One fruit of this partnership is the Razny & Sloane Street collaboration, featuring custom-made designs that blend the trademark styles of Sloane Street with the eye of our owners and master jewelers. The result? A line of curated fine jewelry with timeless elegance.

A ring with a diamond

This rubellite halo ring, set in 18K yellow gold, is destined to amaze.

A pair of Green diamond earrings

Or maybe these one-of-a-kind emerald earrings, with their brilliant luster, will shine just right.

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